Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a pretty low-key Thanksgiving weekend, with me having to work Friday and part of Saturday, but it was fun! Here's a short recap:

We went to our friend, Marilynn's, for Thanksgiving Day and had a lot of great food (I still have the remnants of 4 pies in our fridge)! Silas loved playing the piano, walking around the yard with Marilynn's mom, petting the neighbor's dog, and of course playing with sticks.

 It's hard to get a non-blurry picture of this cutie.

 There we go.

Of course, Saturday was a big day in our family: Iron Bowl! It was a great game, but needless to say, very disappointing for these Alabama fans. At least we were able to watch with Adam's family and Silas had a fellow baby to play with, Aunt Embree!

 He looks so grown up in this picture!

We also went to pick out our Christmas tree and Silas had fun with all the decor :)

Now, there's just one more thing for Wild Man to get into :)

 Silas took this one!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too!

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