Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Fun

We have been going on a lot of outings lately, trying to get in some fall fun before Elijah's arrival. The sad thing is how stinking hot it has been...80+ degrees in October has been miserable for me..I really thought this pregnancy would end in nice, cool temps. Apparently not so much :(

We spent about 3 hours at Tate Farms last week. This was Silas' third year at the Farm and I definitely think it was his favorite.

He sampled all of the slides multiple times...

The corn bin was so much fun for him because he was able to jump in this year and met a few new friends, which he does everywhere he goes :)

 No, he didn't eat any...he was just that sweaty.

Cuddling with his new friend. These older boys were so sweet with him!

We only walked briefly through the corn maze because Adam was afraid there were snakes since it was so warm, but Silas was super excited to look at and pick up all the corn cobs.

Silas also made friends with goats and bunnies, tried out the swings, climbed a giant tire tower, jumped on a giant air cushion, and splashed in puddles.

Such a fake smile right here :)

We of course picked out some pumpkins, 7 in fact, and sampled a pumpkin slushy and took a ride in a  wheelbarrow after someone's shoes got soaked from jumping in puddles.

 Proof I was actually present.

 Pumpkin slushies were delicious...

"More, More!"


We took Silas to Prater's Mill on Saturday for the first time. My family used to go twice a year, every year while I was growing up and I always had so much fun. The weather was pretty miserable, 80+ degrees one minute and torrential downpour the next. Silas didn't care either way, he had fun with the grandparents and saw clogging for the first time while eating homemade ice cream.

 Cool dudes.

 Eating ice cream as it started to rain.

"Cheese!" Love this sweet boy and his faces!

I think we will have a few more fun activities coming up before baby brother gets here. What are your favorite fall traditions?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Baby Bumpdate:Weeks 30-33

I'm seriously slacking on belly updates, but I've also hit that 3rd trimester tiredness...and my Wednesday night TV shows are back with new seasons (the one night I can usually blog)...poor excuse, but it's the truth. On to the pictures!

 Little man finally has an updated chalkboard with his name, just like I did with Silas.

 Silas wanted to show off his cool trains :)

How far along: 33 weeks

Total weight gain: 23.5lbs as of my last doctor's appointment. I gained a total of 24lbs when I was pregnant with Silas, so I'm trying to exercise more and curb my sweet tooth for the remainder of this pregnancy or I may give birth to a giant baby.

Maternity clothes: Yes, my sweet, and awesome neighbor, April, is keeping me outfitted with some of her stylish clothes. Weeks 30 and 31 were made possible by her closet...and she has painted my toenails...she also loves to drink coffee with us, helps me keep my plant alive, makes delicious food, and loves Jesus...she's golden :)

Stretch marks: Nope and fingers crossed they don't appear. My belly is super vein-y at this point.

Sleep: I'm up a few times a night and have had some pregnancy insomnia and really awful heartburn which makes me exhausted in the mornings.

Best moment of this week: It was fall break in Huntsville City Schools, so Silas and I have had a ton of fun just being at home.

Miss anything: Fall weather! Seriously, where is the crisp, fall temperatures?! This pregnant lady is sick of the heat.

Movement: Constant! Elijah moves all the time and I can tell which body parts are moving. It's kind of crazy to feel his fingers moving and stretching!

Food cravings: Hot brownie with ice cream this past week, but really nothing else.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, but heartburn sucks!

Have you started to show yet: Yes, very much so!

Gender: Boy

Labor signs: Consistent Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Belly button in or out: Out

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and a little anxious with the nesting instincts kicking in full force.

Looking forward to: My next doctor's appointment and cooler weather for this week!

Thanks for keeping up with our little family, even when the blogging is sporadic :) Have a great week!

Silas' 2nd Birthday Festivities

So, it's been over a month since Silas' birthday and party, but it's never too late to share pictures! We decided to be a little more low key than his first birthday, even though, looking back, we still did a lot. We invited a few friends and family over with a lot of fun activities for the kids and football and food for the adults.

 Allie and Summer.

 Ninnie and Silas

There were a lot of babies present including Teller (who slept the whole time and I didn't get his picture) and 2 of the 3 Elmore babies of 2014...

 Miss Enslee (born in July)...

Mr. Hudson (born in August)...

And all three babies...Elijah what will you look like?!

Some of the activities we had for the kiddos included playdoh, musical instruments, pipe cleaners, shaving cream, balloons, and water play with a slip-n-slide and water guns. I think the kids had a great time!

I made Mrs. Beatty's chocolate cake and Adam made funfetti cupcakes because they're fun and we knew the chocolate cake would be eaten quickly (which it was...moistest cake ever!)

 Thank you Ina Garten for such a delicious cake recipe!

 Adam baked, iced, and decorated these...how sweet!

 Silas being shy while we sang to him :)

Blowing out his candle with Daddy's help.

The only decorations we had were some of our favorite pictures from this past year in the shape of the number "2" and a chalkboard update on Silas' stats.

 This was hard to take down..so much fun to look at all the pictures!

Silas dancing in front of his board.

 "Why do you keep taking my picture, Mom?"

Sweet smile of distraction :)

We love, love, LOVE this sweet, crazy ball of energy! Excited to see what year #3 brings :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Silas: My 2 Year Old

I really can't believe that Silas is already 2!! It feels like he was just born; that saying is so true that "the days are long, but the years are short."

Here are some stats followed by an enormous amount of pictures:


Silas is "all boy"! He loves to get dirty, make messes, be destructive, jump off of everything, and run towards danger; these parents are exhausted...haha! Silas is also really sweet when he plays though. He can sit and play with toy cars and trucks for hours, he likes to color and paint (creative little soul), and he's starting to like "dress up" when we go to the EarlyWorks or the Depot.


Silas is a great sleeper! He sleeps from 10-12 hours a night and takes one nap a day that lasts between 1.5-2 hours. He has transitioned from his crib to a toddler bed to now sleeping in a full size bed with pool noodles to keep him safe. He has, unfortunately, fallen out of bed a few times, some of which were very scary for us, but no lasting harm or bumps or bruises.


Silas loves to eat! He definitely goes through phases, usually when a growth spurt hits, that he barely touches anything, but I am not a short cook; he will eat what we eat. Some of his favorite foods are hummus, raw broccoli, salad with Ranch dressing, grapes, popcorn, bacon, cheese, sweet potatoes, rice and beans from Rosie's, and anything sweet...he comes by that honestly.


Silas is so sweet! He has a very active, fun loving personality, spontaneous, always ready for adventure, but is also super chill and easy going. He has started throwing quite a few tantrums, but we feel that he's testing boundaries (he is a sinner, just like everyone else) and that he's unable to really communicate what he wants. As his speech has gotten better, I've noticed a decrease. I can say, "Silas, use your words." and he can usually babble something off that only Adam and I would understand, but meeting that need, or redirecting, will calm him down.

Silas has always been a snuggler, but he's been pretty clingy lately and I think it's because of Adam's busy schedule and me encouraging him to do more since I've gotten bigger with pregnancy. I think he knows things are about to change and we are okay with him being more affectionate and needy because this season will pass just as quickly as the others and we will wish he wanted to be held.


We've been encouraging Silas to help with certain chores. He can throw away trash, help pick up his toys, unload the silverware from the dishwasher, "wash" dishes in the sink, and he really loves pushing the vacuum around. Sometimes, cleaning takes longer because he "helps", but we want to instill the importance of caring for the things God has entrusted to us.


Silas and Reid love hanging out at small group each week!

Silas has a lot of little friends from church and daycare and of course all of the girls on our street LOVE him! He has started to be a little possessive with toys, but will, for the most part, easily share and interact. He definitely thinks he is much older than 2 and gets upset when the kids on our street ride their bikes down the road without him or play 4 square in the street, neither of which he's allowed to do, but such is childhood I guess, learning boundaries.

Silas is at such a fun age and we are really excited to see him as a big brother to Elijah!

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