Saturday, October 11, 2014

Silas' 2nd Birthday Festivities

So, it's been over a month since Silas' birthday and party, but it's never too late to share pictures! We decided to be a little more low key than his first birthday, even though, looking back, we still did a lot. We invited a few friends and family over with a lot of fun activities for the kids and football and food for the adults.

 Allie and Summer.

 Ninnie and Silas

There were a lot of babies present including Teller (who slept the whole time and I didn't get his picture) and 2 of the 3 Elmore babies of 2014...

 Miss Enslee (born in July)...

Mr. Hudson (born in August)...

And all three babies...Elijah what will you look like?!

Some of the activities we had for the kiddos included playdoh, musical instruments, pipe cleaners, shaving cream, balloons, and water play with a slip-n-slide and water guns. I think the kids had a great time!

I made Mrs. Beatty's chocolate cake and Adam made funfetti cupcakes because they're fun and we knew the chocolate cake would be eaten quickly (which it was...moistest cake ever!)

 Thank you Ina Garten for such a delicious cake recipe!

 Adam baked, iced, and decorated these...how sweet!

 Silas being shy while we sang to him :)

Blowing out his candle with Daddy's help.

The only decorations we had were some of our favorite pictures from this past year in the shape of the number "2" and a chalkboard update on Silas' stats.

 This was hard to take down..so much fun to look at all the pictures!

Silas dancing in front of his board.

 "Why do you keep taking my picture, Mom?"

Sweet smile of distraction :)

We love, love, LOVE this sweet, crazy ball of energy! Excited to see what year #3 brings :)

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