Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Fun

We have been going on a lot of outings lately, trying to get in some fall fun before Elijah's arrival. The sad thing is how stinking hot it has been...80+ degrees in October has been miserable for me..I really thought this pregnancy would end in nice, cool temps. Apparently not so much :(

We spent about 3 hours at Tate Farms last week. This was Silas' third year at the Farm and I definitely think it was his favorite.

He sampled all of the slides multiple times...

The corn bin was so much fun for him because he was able to jump in this year and met a few new friends, which he does everywhere he goes :)

 No, he didn't eat any...he was just that sweaty.

Cuddling with his new friend. These older boys were so sweet with him!

We only walked briefly through the corn maze because Adam was afraid there were snakes since it was so warm, but Silas was super excited to look at and pick up all the corn cobs.

Silas also made friends with goats and bunnies, tried out the swings, climbed a giant tire tower, jumped on a giant air cushion, and splashed in puddles.

Such a fake smile right here :)

We of course picked out some pumpkins, 7 in fact, and sampled a pumpkin slushy and took a ride in a  wheelbarrow after someone's shoes got soaked from jumping in puddles.

 Proof I was actually present.

 Pumpkin slushies were delicious...

"More, More!"


We took Silas to Prater's Mill on Saturday for the first time. My family used to go twice a year, every year while I was growing up and I always had so much fun. The weather was pretty miserable, 80+ degrees one minute and torrential downpour the next. Silas didn't care either way, he had fun with the grandparents and saw clogging for the first time while eating homemade ice cream.

 Cool dudes.

 Eating ice cream as it started to rain.

"Cheese!" Love this sweet boy and his faces!

I think we will have a few more fun activities coming up before baby brother gets here. What are your favorite fall traditions?

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  1. If you can drive that far: Try Mercier Orchard in Blue Ridge, Georgia. It's like Disney World with apples. It's getting a little late to pick apples. Just call ahead. http://www.mercier-orchards.com/apple-u-pick/


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