Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick, Sick Go Away

I knew it would happen eventually, I had just hoped it would be a long way off. Silas is sick and has been for a week. First, it was a cold. Then, it was a cold and an ear infection. Now, it's just heartbreaking; Silas is coughing and congested and tired. I feel like its my fault he's sick...maybe I haven't been vigilant enough in this awful cold and flu season, maybe I thought breast feeding was enough to keep his immunity up. Either way, I am ready and prepared to tackle anyone who comes too close that may be sick.

Silas is such a trooper though; we must have the best baby in the whole world. He takes his medicine well, complains so sweetly, and cuddles like a champ. He even started talking and laughing again yesterday.

Will you pray with us for his healing? We just want our active (and healthy) little boy back.

After our 3rd doctor's visit..in a week!

He's shirtless because his temp was rising again. Also, doesn't it look like he's praying?

Sleeping while Daddy does homework.

Little man fell asleep helping Daddy vacuum.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1/3 of a Year Old

I've become an idiot when it comes to math and I blame pregnancy and "Mommy" hormones. I had to think really hard to make sure the title of this post is accurate..haha! Silas turned 4 months old yesterday, can you believe it?! He weighs 12lbs, 11oz (15th percentile) and is 24.8 inches long (50th percentile)! Silas is exclusively breastfed and eats a lot, but seems to take after his Daddy in the long and lean category. His pediatrician said he is doing great though and is at a fine weight, which makes this worrywart a little calmer. I'm sure he'll bulk up once we start introducing cereal :). Silas is such a trooper when it comes to his shots too, although today he is fussy and wants to cuddle and be held (I'm typing one handed), but I don't mind.

Silas is now able to roll over from front to back and back to front. Adam has video of him flipping back and forth at least 5 times in a row! He wants to move so badly! He also does "baby" sit-ups when he's propped on his boppy or sitting next to someone; he grunts and almost face-plants into his feet. :). Silas really likes to be held facing out so he can see everything and loves sitting up in an exersaucer; he always laughs. I like to call it his executive chair.

 "Where are my reports?!"

He likes to nap when he gets bored of looking out.

He has also started to take "big boy" baths in his tub and loves them. He's getting very good at splashing! He has already almost outgrown the tub; he is able to touch both ends at the same time now.

Look at those fat rolls!

 Silas looks like a boxer preparing for a fight. Serious face!

Adam and I have such strange work schedules; he drove during the holidays and is now back at preload with full time hours at UAH (mechanical engineering degree) and I work whenever I want or am needed (sweet deal). We try to meet up for lunch or send pictures to the parent at work to make the day a little sweeter.

 Lunch meet-up. Did I mention Silas is trying to teethe? Drool city!

 Uncle Ryan teaching Silas how to lift weights while I was working one day.

Crossfit baby working on form.

Helping Daddy with laundry, Silas' favorite chore.

Silas is such a talker! He has started to get very loud when cooing; I think he likes the sound of his voice. He was "singing" this past Sunday during the worship; amazing that we could hear him along with everyone else! He loves to laugh and some of his favorite sounds are keys falling, squeaky sounds, and other people laughing.

I know I already posted about Christmas, but here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment :).

 "Santa came last night?!"

 Fueling up for Xmas shopping at Another Broken Egg Cafe.

Trying on boots at H & M.

Oh and did you hear Alabama won the BCS National Championship? We watched most of it (why did it have to start so late?) and made sure we all had some team gear on. I think Silas was a good luck charm for the team...

Happy 4 months precious boy! I can't wait to see what you've got in store for month 5!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1st Season of Christmas Festivities

Since Silas turned 3 months old on December 8, we decided there was no need to go all out this year on presents since he wouldn't remember, but we did start some new traditions and carried out some old ones as well.

Every Christmas since we've been married, I've thrown a cookie swap party because: 1. It's fun to get friends together during the busy season. 2. GREATEST excuse to eat a ridiculous amount of cookies. 3. Prizes! This year, the prizes were hand stamped tea towels I made from a pinterest post. Silas helped with the prizes the best way he knows how...he posed for cute pictures!

 He thought he was the most unique.

 Mad face.

 Index cards taste delicious!

Sweet face.

 Towards the end of our photo session, Silas was wore out!

I love how he spreads his arms out when he sleeps.

All the Cookie Swap girls (and Silas).

 Carissa and Sarah

Nina and Emily

Ann Ever, Beth, and Carissa are big fans of Silas.

Silas attended his first tacky sweater party that same day, thrown by our friends Lane and Emily. Hopefully, this will also become a holiday tradition. I love that "photo booths" are becoming so popular...and that there was one at the party. Here are a few of the highlights:

We've had three Christmas celebrations so far and one still to go (my Dad has been sick so we haven't been able to celebrate just yet). Silas received some WONDERFUL gifts including an awesome music table, shape sorter, jumpy seat exersaucer, and books. Adam and I have decided on at least two new traditions we want to do with Silas and our future children every Christmas; at least one new book and one new ornament. We also read the Nativity story from the Jesus Storybook Bible during the season and will definitely continue that tradition as well.

 Adam showing Silas his new toy.

 Silas checking out the tree on Christmas morning.

 My loves.

 Silas opening his book....

 "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein!

 Adam read us the story.

 Our sweet elf made a special delivery for his Aunt Embree who is still in utero. I can't wait to meet her!

 Where was Silas' plaid?!

It was so fun to see our sweet, little, boy enjoy his first Christmas. I had a hard time taking down the tree and decorations thinking of how fast time is going by; Silas is growing up too quickly! But I'm excited to see him grow, learn, and continue to become the loving boy he already is. 


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