Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick, Sick Go Away

I knew it would happen eventually, I had just hoped it would be a long way off. Silas is sick and has been for a week. First, it was a cold. Then, it was a cold and an ear infection. Now, it's just heartbreaking; Silas is coughing and congested and tired. I feel like its my fault he's sick...maybe I haven't been vigilant enough in this awful cold and flu season, maybe I thought breast feeding was enough to keep his immunity up. Either way, I am ready and prepared to tackle anyone who comes too close that may be sick.

Silas is such a trooper though; we must have the best baby in the whole world. He takes his medicine well, complains so sweetly, and cuddles like a champ. He even started talking and laughing again yesterday.

Will you pray with us for his healing? We just want our active (and healthy) little boy back.

After our 3rd doctor's visit..in a week!

He's shirtless because his temp was rising again. Also, doesn't it look like he's praying?

Sleeping while Daddy does homework.

Little man fell asleep helping Daddy vacuum.


  1. Awww, poor baby. I was wondering where y'all were last night. I'll be praying he gets over it quickly.

  2. Stay rested little Family. (" ~~Big J


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