Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 months. Wow!

Sweet, little, Silas turned 5 months old the other day; I can't believe it! We've had an eventful last month. Let me catch you up:

Silas experienced his first sickness...boo to that! He had an ear infection, RSV, and a rotten diaper rash from his antibiotics. Needless to say, we didn't leave the house for 2 weeks. As stir-crazy as that made me, it did get him on a pretty decent nap schedule...for awhile. Now we are back to the usual "Are you going to sleep for 2 hours starting at 11am or are you going to fall asleep 45 minutes after we wake up?" It's okay though; we're not too sleep deprived and we get things done..he rolls with the flow, whatever that may be that day.

Silas is such a little snuggler! I always knew he was sweet (even when he was in belly), but he's my new sugar addiction...I can't get enough! He hugs me and tries to climb up into my neck when I hold him. My favorite new thing is how he puts his face right up against mine to look forward or to look in the mirror (the kid loves looking at himself). He also started giving me the slobbery-open-mouth kiss that I've been waiting for...it melts my heart!!

Matching outfits for Daddy and Silas!

Silas is getting very strong! He does little mini-pushups anytime he's on his belly and he's trying to figure out how to move towards whatever he wants. He has a great, little "superman/swimming" pose, but he's about to start rocking on those knees, I just know it! One day, he even rolled across the floor. Time to start baby-proofing...and getting more consistent with mopping. He's also working really hard on sitting up all by himself! He's also grabbing everything in sight, especially Mommy's hair; it's his favorite :)

 Taking an important phone call before getting back to the hard work of...

 Learning to sit up by himself and....

learning how to fall gracefully!

Silas is getting a lot of little friends..most of them girls (lucky guy right?) and he met two of them for the first time this month. Ella Grace is my coworker, Melissa's, sweet daughter. He loves her :)

Silas and his "girl", Ella Grace. Isn't she sweet?!

His other special, new, friend is...his Aunt Embree!! Silas is 4 months and 10 days OLDER than her and we're so excited to watch them interact as they grow up together.

 Exciting first meeting ;)

 Adam holding his newest sister and his son.

Sweet little baby feet and hands.

My sweet monkey :)

Silas also attended his first winter retreat out of the womb. At last year's retreat, I was still in the awful morning sickness stage and we only had the gummy bear ultrasound picture. This year was way more fun because he could win over everyone's hearts by his cute personality and his retreat-worthy apparel including flannel shirts and of course, a puffy vest. If it weren't for my Baby Ktan wrap, we would have missed a lot, but instead Silas was able to sleep whenever he wanted while I painted or hung out with everybody.

Silas and Kayla are twinsies!

Amazing what happens in one year.

We cheered for Adam in a Crossfit tournament. Silas' shirt says "My Dad is Awesome".

 Cuddles with Mommy

 5 month photo shoot

Sweet Silas, you are the biggest joy!! We love everything about you! Your next big adventure: solid food!!

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