Friday, March 1, 2013

A Very Special Day

February 18, 2013 was a very special day for us: Silas was baptized! Our friend, Chad, who is one of the ministers at our church, officiated and we were blessed by many of our family and friends present to witness.

Bow tie Buddies.

 Another sweet, little boy, Elliot, was baptized also.

Adam looking on proudly while I cry!

 Silas had the sweetest, most joyful face and demeanor afterwards, a look I never want to forget.

 Lion King re-enactment.

 Most of our friends and family that attended.

 Look at that sweet, little, nugget!

Ryan totally photo-bombed this picture..haha!

We are very aware that baptism can be a very divisive subject: infant vs. believer, sprinkling vs. submersion, etc. It's an area that both Adam and I have struggled with, studied, and prayed over since before we were married. We don't believe that the water has any magical or saving properties; we are still praying for the Lord to open Silas' heart and bring him to salvation. We see Silas' baptism as him being brought into God's covenant of grace. I think Chad explained it beautifully, which you can view in the video here. Whatever your views, would you join with us in praising God for His good gift of Silas and praying with us that the Lord will save him and use him mightily for His namesake?

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