Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Half Birthday

I'm convinced that time goes faster when you're having fun, which must explain how 6 months have already gone by since Silas blessed us with his presence! Here's what we have been up to the last month:

Little man has found his tongue and loves to stick it out! He looks like a tiny, little, puppy. We think he's attempting to taste the air...or figure out which direction the wind is blowing.

Testing out the air at the park.

Flushed cheeks after nursing in the car and tasting some spring-like air.

Speaking of tasting, Silas started eating solid foods the other day! So far, he has enjoyed avocado and bananas. I believe I fell more in love with Adam because of what happened with Silas' first experience with table food: I wanted to feed Silas because I thought I would give smaller bites than Adam (Adam gives HUGE bites of food, which I learned first-hand when I was nursing Silas and hungry at the same time when he was only a few days old.). Adam said, "No! You always get to feed him! I want to feed him!" How can you argue with that kind of cuteness? So, we took turns for the sake of pictures :)

Proud Daddy! Silas is checking out the bowl.

Adam telling Silas he's about to eat yummy avocado.

My turn! I was telling him, "Mmmm!

Silas is moving around A LOT! He is still trying to get up on his knees and is perfecting his plank. He really enjoys the walker because he can explore while I get things done in the kitchen. I need to rearrange some things on our island because this is what I found him doing the other day while I did dishes:

Who needs toys when you can play with cutting boards and storage bags?

Silas is so wonderfully affectionate :). He is perfecting his open mouth kisses, hugging on necks, and just showing how excited he is to see us.

 Chewing on my chin.

 Sweet, attacking kisses!

My handsome boys.

I've also decided that the difference between little girl and little boy clothes are that little girls' clothes are just meant to be cute while boys' clothes are all about playing pretend. Silas' outfits vary from looking like a tiny farmer, tiny frat boy, tiny Adam in flannel, tiny ski lodge, and my new favorite: tiny Russian gymnast.

I found this great Patagonia outfit at the neighborhood thrift store for $2! We took so many pictures of him and "talked" for him in a Russian accent and called him "Sven" all day. He is so much fun!

Happy and excited boy!



Sweet, little, Silas, there is so much more for you to learn and explore! We are so excited to watch you experience things for the first time. We've thought a lot lately about what life will be like for you and how the Lord is going to use you. You are so very precious in His sight as well as ours! We can't wait to see what the next six months will bring :).

Happy Half Birthday!!!

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  1. I am grinning all over after having laughed out loud. Sven. I love you people.


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