Monday, November 18, 2013

Leaves, Pumpkins, and Disco

I really love fall...the south gets slightly cooler and it ushers in all the really fun holidays and great activities to go with it. Let's start with the natural decor:

Haha...besides him...

We have been taking some family walks up on Monte Sano to get out of the house and enjoy all of the beautiful leaves before winter sets in.

We went to Tate Farms again this year and it's a little ridiculous how much fun we had! I thought we took a lot of photos last year, but I kid you not, we took about 400 pictures while we were there! I will oblige you with quite a few of them:

 Fascinated with the parking lot.

 Walking with purpose.

He usually loves the slide, but did not like these!

 Corn head.

 A much happier slide experience.


 Silas got us lost in the corn maze...typical.

 He just had to try the dirt....we're all about immunity building.

 Corn Bin Round 2: Bury Daddy.

 Bury Mommy.

 Trying to pick up a pumpkin...

 Creepy mustache family picture time!

And of course there was Halloween! We went super lazy with costumes this year and just dressed in things we already had. Silas won the jackpot with his sweet 70's-esque white three piece suit my sister had bought him before he was even conceived. We told everyone he was John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever....and then played the Bee Gees "Staying Alive" when we arrived :).

We went to Lisa's big bash, as always, and our church's Harvest Hey Day, where we trick or treated for Silas and then consumed all the candy ourselves.

 Sweet friends, playing with Silas' balloon :)

 Silas LOVES dogs and kept doing this...

 ...leaning in for kisses!

70's outfit complete!!

And just for fun, a comparison :)


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