Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sick and Tired

It's been a rough go of it lately here at the Elmore house. We've been battling headaches, colds, sinus issues, and just all around tiredness. We. Are. Worn. Out. On top of that, I've been working a lot lately (which is good financially, but bad with sickness) and it's just been hard to feel motivated to write a post or even upload all the cute, fall pictures (pumpkin patch, hiking, etc.) we've taken in the small amount of free time we've had.

So, instead I will give a quick update on everyone:

Adam is super busy with work and school, falling asleep some nights before Silas even goes to bed. We are blessed to have him. He doubts himself and his efforts sometimes, but he is amazing and God will redeem this time for him. Will you pray for him to persevere and find joy in all his endeavors?

Silas is a handful! He is "talking" a lot, climbing on everything, insists on going outside if he can make it past the screen door, and is wanting to be more independent with everything! Silas still wins the award for best easy, sweet, laid-back baby award....that boy just has my heart. Will you pray for Silas' heart to be molded in such a way that he find his ultimate joy in the Lord?

I am just very tired lately. I haven't worked this much since before Silas was born, and while I'm very thankful for the Lord's provision, I am also tired and often discontent that my days are long and there never seems to be enough time for everything I'd like to be doing. Seriously, how do Mommy's working outside the home do it?! Will you pray for my energy to increase and for the discontentment in my heart to decrease?

I'm thankful for you who read this! Please share how we could be praying for you!

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