Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Festivities: Part 1

It is proving to be a busy holiday season over here so in order to give you as many pictures as I can, I'm breaking up Christmas fun into a few different posts :). I know I already posted one like this in my previous post, but seriously, how could I resist another picture of this dude in a plaid onesie?!

Huntsville is trying really hard to be a little cooler of a city and last year one of the cool things they decided to do was make an ice rink outside of the art museum that's only open during the holiday season. They did it again this year, but this time, they lined the sidewalks with different, really fun, Christmas trees decorated by local businesses. We went to check out the trees with our friends Ben and Sarah (with little Riley) and had heart attacks fun running after Silas in the crowd of people.

It was freezing!

 My personal favorite!

 One of Silas' favorites.

An actual family picture!

I hosted my 4th annual cookie swap the next day and I have to say….the competition was fierce this year! 

Molasses, Sugar, Chocolate Chip, Cloud, Frostbite, Rolo, Oatmeal Cream Pie, etc.

I love getting these group of ladies together every year for brunch, fellowship, cookies, and shared belly aches! It's so fun to see all of the new babies too. How many more babies will attend next year?!

Later that day, we had Christmas with the Elmore side at Aunt Trish and Uncle Tim's house. It was so good to see Grandpa George and Grandma Carol along with the rest of the family. Silas fell in love with Grandpa George just like all of the other grand babies do!

 Silas was giggling so hard!

Sharing a joke…

 Sharing Grandpa's hat.

Silas and Grandpa George put on a show for everybody with their guitar playing and Silas' sweet dance moves. This kid is going to be musical! He already does pretty well keeping up a nice beat, especially for his age. 

 Really an awful picture, but you can see how fast Silas was dancing!


Silas loved that little guitar so much, he carried it around the house for awhile.

Until he was handed a bow by his cousin, Peyton….

 May the odds be ever in your favor!

And then he realized what other cool toys were in the house….

 Like blocks…

and tennis balls….

and an open bathroom perfect for his toy truck to roam.

It's always so good to spend time with family, relax, and eat some good food!

Adam was faking, but I know he was tired. Hard working man!

Silas also received his first Christmas gifts of the season. It took him until the final present, but I think he's starting to understand the concept of ripping paper off of the object. I can't wait until Christmas morning!

 "Is this a joystick?"

 "Hmm…it's brown…"

 "It's soft…"

 "It's a bear that looks like a puppy! I LOVE it!!!"

 Silas has been doing great with these blocks the past week! My little learner :)

Someone was tired of the paparazzi.

I hope everyone else is enjoying this hectic, joyful time of year!

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