Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Special Peeps

You remember our friends Lane and Emily? I've mentioned them a few times herehere, and here. Well, they just got married! I thought I would dedicate a post to them and share some pictures of the lovely festivities :).

At the end of June, a few of us from church threw Emily a very small shower where we spent time praying for her and Lane.

 Emily and Melissa.

The Cash ladies, Jessica and Karla.

The Thursday before the wedding, I gave Emily a lingerie/bachelorette party. We started with some fun shenanigans at her hotel before heading out on the town. It was so much fun...tons of very loud laughter :).

 Every bride-to-be needs a feather boa and sash.

 Jessica, Kayla, Ashley, and I.

 Emily's college roommates Katie, Rachel, and Emily.

 Corrie and Jessica.

We had a "Photo Booth" complete with fun props I picked up from the Dollar Tree and some mustache and lip props that the neighborhood girls helped me make. It was super easy to do; every party should have one!

Those glasses were fantastic!

Like all weddings, some kind of snafu has to happen. First, the zipper on Emily's suitcase broke, trapping some of her fun outfits with it inside, but thankfully we got it loose. Then, not one, but two different things had to be fixed on her dress, but she stayed calm and of course looked beautiful while doing so.

Corrie (wedding expert) and Mandi (sewing expert). I love Mandi's face in this picture :)

"Where's the bustle?!"

Emily and Lane's wedding day was super emotional for Adam and I. We were honored to stand right next to them as best man and matron of honor. It was so special to be able to serve them as they committed their marriage to the Lord. My favorite part was in the processional when we walked out of the sanctuary after Lane and Emily, Adam ran up to them and him and I started dancing around them while this beautiful, haunting rendition of "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus" played....it was like a movie or like Chad said as he married them, "A dress rehearsal for the wedding to come."

We also had the privilege to eat with Lane and Emily privately at the reception (smartest idea EVER) and just talked and relaxed before the reception got into full swing.

Love Birds :)

There was a lot of funny talking going on....

He cracks me up!

I love this man!!

Lane and Emily, thank you SO much for letting us be such a big part of your lives! We cherish your friendship and can't wait to watch how the Lord will use your relationship to further His kingdom!

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