Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hitting Double Digits

I feel a little sad about hitting the double digits in months; Silas will never be in the "single" months again. I'm so glad he's growing, but a Momma can get emotional about it, right?

Precious boy!

Silas has made leaps and bounds in development this past month, learning new skills and perfecting some old ones. Silas has gotten pretty good at feeding himself! I just put pieces of chicken, fruit, or vegetables on his tray and he goes to town! Needless to say, mealtimes have become longer and messier, but that's okay :). He also has two bottom teeth and one top tooth poking through!

First taste of Little Rosie's...yum!

Silas has also learned to clap by himself and wave hello and bye-bye...I die from the cuteness!

My family met us at a park in Scottsboro so the boys could go fishing on the boat and the ladies and Silas could relax in the shade.

Family portrait.

 Snuggles with Grandpa!


 Silas makes a lot of the same facial expressions as Daddy.


We explored the Everybody Can Play Park one afternoon, hoping for some better fitting swings for Silas. This is the best they had:

Poor guy!

Clearly, he still has some growing to do, but they had lots of other fun activities for us to try.

 Silas practicing the monkey bars...

 Driving a car...

 Exploring a tunnel...

 Taking a short rest break on Daddy...

Swinging with Mommy.

Silas loves the grocery store! He likes to people watch and ride in the buggys like so:


His favorite :)

Silas also experienced his first, of what I fear will be many, ER visits the other day. Adam and I were working out at the Crossfit gym while Silas hung out in his stroller right in front of the big fan to keep cool. We were maybe 10 feet from him and I had given him a few toys to play with, one of which was a foam duck. Our workout lasted maybe 10 minutes and when I walked over to him, I noticed the duck had been maimed. I immediately freak out, just a tiny bit, and start searching the stroller, his mouth, and his diaper to see if I could find any pieces; there were none. So, I call poison control to see what I should do. By the time I had talked to the operator, I wasn't as worried because Silas was breathing fine, acting like his normal self, babbling, and trying to get to the floor to crawl around, but the operator told us we needed to go to the ER to get an X-ray since he ingested more than a nickel sized amount. 

Silas entertained every nurse and doctor there! Everyone kept cracking jokes about how hungry he must have been and that the duck was the real victim. He "paced" while we waited, crawling back and forth on the bed at least 50 times. Luckily, the doctor told us he appeared to be fine and didn't need an X-ray as long as he could nurse normally and it turns out the foam wouldn't show up on film anyway. I found all the pieces of duck the very next morning; I'm very thankful for his good digestive system. So, first ER visit done! Hope we don't have to do that again for a very long time!

"Ducktastrophe 2013"

I am so in love with our crazy, constantly moving, happy, sweet, loving, playful, roughhousing, little boy! Happy Double Digits Silas!

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