Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Fun

I can't believe it's already July; this summer is flying by! I'm okay with that though because it just gets me one step closer to Silas' arrival. Here are some of the fun activities we've been up to lately.

Family get together at my father-in-law's. This is also the day we learned that Silas would be older than his new aunt or uncle. Yep, Lori, our wonderful step-mother (in-law for me) is pregnant!!! We are super excited that Silas will have someone to play with that's close in age (Baby Elmore is due January 2013).

This is my friend Hayden. Sadly, this was taken at her going away party. Hayden is following the Lord's leading and accepted a youth ministry position in Memphis, so I'm not allowed to be too sad, plus, I'll just have one more friend to visit in that city :)

This is an action shot of Adam being viciously licked by Baxter the dog. Almost every Friday night, our friends, Ben and Sarah, have happy hour at their house. Sometimes it extends out into the community. This particular night, we went to Lowe Mill's concert on the dock and listened to a band whose name I can't recall.
The tower at the Mill.

Adam talking to Silas.

Adam's nieces came to town. They have never been to the south and didn't know our side of the family that well, so we dressed up to fool them.
Creepy Uncle Adam.

Sister Lisa had a big pool party at her house which was so much fun.
There was a lot of whirlpool making, chicken fighting, and spraying each other in the face.

Peyton loves making silly faces.

Reid and Josh dominated at corn hole. I think they won 5 times in a row!

Two of our nieces, Hope and Hunter.

We spent the hottest days of June at Lake Guntersville with the family. It got to 107 one of those days. Needless to say, the lake felt like bathwater, not very refreshing, but still a good time.

Uncle Tim brought his DJ/Karaoke equipment which equaled hours of fun. Here are Cliff and Reid belting out a tune.

Ryan trying out the mullet.

Adam kissing on Silas.

We celebrated Hope's birthday. We had been playing Quelf (awesome board game) which is why she has her head wrapped in toilet paper.

Cheering for Karaoke. I really think every family get together should have this! It would be great for Adam's nieces to move closer to us; they are a lot of fun :)

As you can see, it's been a busy, but fun couple of months. I hope everyone else is having a great summer!

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