Friday, July 6, 2012

Two Months Worth

I am a bad blogger. It's true. I'm lazy about posting and I am so sorry for that. I do have a lot of pictures and fun things to share, so that should make up for it, right? Adam went to bed early, so I have plenty of time to blog! I could clean my house, but this sounds like more fun :).

Here are 7 weeks worth of belly pictures!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from week 22 because we let a friend borrow our camera during that time.

Adam took a picture of me changing our chalkboard. I don't even look pregnant in this picture, but when I turn around.....

BAM!! Check out the difference two weeks make! Silas just keeps growing and growing!

I've got to brag on my husband for just a minute. Adam has been really sweet about surprising me with things during this pregnancy. One day, I came home and this dress and a pregancy pillow were sitting on the bed. He picked this out himself...my husband has good taste :) And that pregnancy pillow...AMAZING!!

My belly is turning into a basketball. Thankfully, I can still fit into a lot of my regular clothes, but some are getting a little tight..and short.

And this was taken today. I am officially in the third trimester (yippee!!) and now have to go to the doctor every two weeks. I have also been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions which give me great opportunity to practice my relaxation techniques we've been learning in our Bradley Birthing classes.

I highly recommend these classes to anyone who is pregnant or seeking a more natural birth; they're a lot of fun. And yes, I am planning and praying for a natural labor, I think I can do it and I'm really excited to try :)

We also had our 4D ultrasound recently and got to see a better glimpse of cute,little,Silas. Here are a few pictures of our handsome boy.

Look at that face!! I don't even know what to think sometimes; it doesn't seem like he is mine. I love those chubby cheeks and cute lips! This is my favorite picture :)

Maybe he will be a musician with those long fingers!

The ultrasound technician told us he is sitting super low in my pelvis (good boy), but is "sunny side up" which could mean long, more painful labor if he doesn't flip (flip Silas!). He is constantly moving, loves good music, responds to his name when Adam prays for him (no joke, every time), and seems to be a happy, chill, little guy. I can't wait to meet him!!

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