Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sweet Vacation

How long do you typically go away for a vacation? In our family, 4 or 5 days is about all we can swing (even our honeymoon was short), but this year we went on vacation for 9 days! It was so much fun, super relaxing, and just what we needed as a family.

*FYI: we took roughly 900 pictures during that time, so I'll do my best to only give the highlights.

We started out in Clarksville, TN to stay Friday night with Adam's brother, Reid, and his family before driving up to St. Louis, MO. Sadly, we didn't take any pictures, but we had fun meeting their chickens, ducks (that have since passed), and playing with all of Benjamin's matchbox cars.

The next day, we drove the rest of the way up to St. Louis and immediately hit their amazing zoo. Seriously, we went 3 separate times and still didn't get to see everything!

 Waving to the animals.

 We saw bears...



 ...sweet, little meerkats...

...hippos (Silas was fascinated, but a little scared by their size)...

 ...and Silas even brushed a goat.

Silas made this monkey mad..haha!

We bought passes, for Adam and I, so we could do the "paid" things with Silas like the children's zoo where you could slide under the river otters, ride the carousel, and ride the train around the park.

 Oh no! A hippo ate Silas!

 We share a love of slides...

 ...and they share a love of climbing.

Riding the train! Don't let the face fool you!

 He was so excited!

We went downtown one morning to explore City Garden, peek in Busch Stadium, and of course visit the Arch.

 "You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose..."

 Sweet boy needed some snuggles/head butts.

Showing off his awesome dance moves!

So many things are free in St. Louis, including the science and history museums. There was a giant hamster wheel, robotic dinosaurs, and all kinds of blocks to build towers or arches.

 Future architect.

 Digging for bones!

 These dinosaurs were very realistic and Silas was a little scared.

Adam helped a group of people build this arch. It was pretty tricky!

 All wrapped up to get in the history museum.

 If we had lived back in the day.

 Silas loved the kid's area!

 How cool is this?!

 An artist drew, in chalk, the 50 most fascinating places in the 250 years of St. Louis being a city!

I think Silas' favorite thing of all might have been The Magic House. It was amazing! There were two separate wings with 3-4 floors in each wing. We were there for 4 hours and only experienced a few meltdowns from exhaustion.

 Construction site.

This would shoot pom poms across the room. 

 Future President of the United States in practice.

 Taking an important phone call in the Oval Office.

 I'm sure all Presidents get shocking news.

 Or maybe Silas will be a respectable judge...

...and not in the witness stand.


They had an area where you could print off birth certificates and go through all the processes of taking care of a newborn including bathing, swaddling, weighing, and feeding baby dolls. It was precious! Silas almost got into a fight with another child over one of the babies. I think he'll make a wonderful big brother :)

 Open up!

 More slides!

 Notice that Adam's hair didn't change much with the static electricity...haha!

After 5 nights in St. Louis, we headed to Murray, Kentucky to spend time with Grandpa George and Grandma Carol. I wonder if this was Silas favorite part because it was a little more relaxing and he was able to play with his sweet cousins, Romie and Knox.

"We're not doing anything."

Silas became really good at kicking and running at the same time watching future, soccer star, Romie.


Notice Silas' dance moves to "If you're happy and you know it.."

Lots of snuggle time for Grandma Carol!

Adam became addicted to golf after spending an afternoon playing with Grandpa George, and cousins Robbie and Cameron; he even made 2 birdies...crazy! The ladies, and Silas, went to a jewelry party instead.

Napping on Papaw.

This was such a wonderful trip spent with family and we all came back relaxed and ready to tackle life again. Hoping you and yours can have a similar experience this summer! :)

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