Thursday, September 5, 2013

Favorite Moments of Silas' First Year: Feeding

Adam and I were discussing Silas' 1st birthday the other day and I asked him how he felt about little man growing up. The only thing Adam could think to say was, "I'm excited." I, on the other hand, have a flurry of emotions including excitement, but also sadness and a little anxiety. Through talking it out, Adam was able to pinpoint why I feel that sadness: because things are about to change for me.

For the past year, I have been Silas' nourishment. I have gritted my teeth through latch-on pain, cried at the tiredness of being his food source, marveled at how he was growing through only drinking milk (for the first 6 months anyway), and stared, played, laughed while Silas has breastfed. It was one of the first things he did when he was born..

We haven't done it perfectly, and there have been many times I've wondered if he was even benefitting (see my worries about that here) and I considered quitting, especially when he thought it was fun to bite, but those thoughts only lasted for a second and then I would think of how badly I'd miss these sweet moments..

Our special "tent".

Third breakfast..

I'm hoping to continue on for a little while longer. I always said my goal was to breastfeed for one year and then I was done, but I don't feel quite ready to give it up just yet. I'm definitely over the pumping part and I will probably stop that while I'm at work and just gradually decrease our feedings to 2-3 times a day when I'm working and keep the same old schedule when I'm not....Lord willing.

Adam has always been really helpful and understanding through the whole breastfeeding process. I know he really enjoyed the first few times he was able to actually feed Silas...

I love that man.

Silas really loves to eat! He has always done it with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto and solids have been no different. We have used a great cookbook I'd recommend to anyone, Sage Spoonfuls, and it really helped us to know what to feed him when, different textures, yummy food combinations, etc.

First taste of "table" food...avocado!

First time in a restaurant high chair.

He never wears a bib anymore :(

Yummy spoon.

Stealing Mommy's snack.

Just chillin' in my high chair.

Drumming with utensils.

Blueberries and sweet potatoes...some of his favorites :)

He doesn't mind eating on the go.

We're working on how to properly use a spoon...

Loving that little bit of slobber coming from his mouth..

We've transitioned to him pretty much eating whatever Adam and I are having for dinner, spices, sauces and all. He doesn't seem to mind all of the exciting new flavors, but he is pretty insistent on feeding himself, even if it's a spaghetti dish....

That sleeper is permanently stained...haha! I learned the hard way. Check out those Michael Strahan teeth! We love that sweet, little gap and hope it stays until he needs those braces during his teenage years.

Have you ever watched how a child eats? It's amazing to watch their facial reactions, the sounds of satisfaction, their fine motor skills develop as they learn to eat with their hands...it's kind of miraculous. It's a miracle how we grow from being nourished through an umbilical cord to a mother's arms to learning to feed ourselves all in one year...isn't our Creator amazing?!

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