Friday, October 4, 2013

We Have A Sloth!!

Does anyone remember "The Goonies"? There were so many great parts of that movie, but I was always scared of the brother that was kept imprisoned, Sloth. He was SO creepy looking! You know what's even creepier than that? This....

Okay that's actually still a cute picture, but what about this?

 And as your husband breaks the speed limit, rushing towards the hospital, that face begins to swell more and more, becoming like this....

Yes, way creepier than dude on "The Goonies"! His face did that after his first PB&J sandwich :(. We are assuming he's allergic to peanuts, but he tested negative on the blood test, so we are looking into further testing just to be sure.

What were our initial reactions to this scary event?

1. The Lord was merciful in His timing! I had just gotten done at work and Silas didn't take a long nap. We cannot imagine the "what ifs" of Silas continuing to sleep and us not realizing what was going on.
2. Adam's a good driver and there were no cops as we sped from Madison to Huntsville.
3. Good friends that we knew we could confide in and rely on to answer questions as they've gone through the same thing. 
4. Modern medicine to counteract the effects!

1. We love peanut butter...and almond butter and eat them a lot in our house. That's getting modified.
2. Silas will miss out on delicious treats like Reese's cups, Butterfingers, M&M's, Nutter Butters, etc, etc. *I feel its ironic how sad I am about that considering how "anti-processed" we've been with Silas' food intake.*

Above all we are just so thankful that little man is okay and feeling (and looking) like his normal self! 

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