Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All About Silas: Months One and Two

Life with your first little one: people can tell you their stories, you can read books, but nothing truly prepares you for all of the great (and tough) things that come with a newborn. First, I have to say that we have only had a few rough moments, most of which happened as Adam and I adjusted to less sleep when we first brought Silas home. There is a need for lots of grace when you're both extremely tired and your baby is screaming at different intervals throughout the night. Silas only screamed like that a few times in the early weeks and now just whimpers when he's hungry or needs to be changed. I am very thankful that we have a very sweet, fairly easy, baby :).

I promise Silas could breathe in this picture!

What a face!

We have learned a lot about this little boy the past 7 weeks; here are some highlights:

Silas LOVES being held! He just wants to hang out in someone's arms or laps and will often fall asleep. He also sleeps best when right next to someone which means that we are co-sleeping by pure accident, thanks to breastfeeding. I figure we can break "bad" habits later: it's also terribly delicious to have a sleeping baby cradled in your arms. He does not like to sleep in a room by himself; he can sense that he's the only one there. We are finding that he sleeps great in his bassinet or swing during the day as long as we are in that room, which is very doable.

Silas also seems to be a very intelligent and wise, young man. Adam and I often get the feeling that he is pondering great truths and solving wonderful mysteries because of the intensity at which he looks at things. We also know he is taking everything in since he is just a baby, but perhaps Proverbs could be referring to a baby when it says there is great wisdom in silence ;).  He does try to communicate through various grunts and sweet cooing sounds though. My favorite is when he looks really excited and then gets very still and says, "Aah-ooo"; it slays me with cuteness! He's beginning to laugh and giggle too.

Silas is very social and likes to go on outings whether it's watching football or going to a wedding, he is a great sport!

1 week old with game faces on!

My Dad, Silas, and Adam enjoying music at my cousin's wedding.

Proud grandparents :)

Walking around the Greene Street Market. It looks like he's saying, "Have you thought about this?"

We love the fall and one day decided to take Silas to Monte Sano for a hike to look at all the changing leaves. He slept in the Moby Wrap until the hike was over, but we got some great pictures.

 I accidentally cut Adam out of this one to capture Silas' smile.

My funny boys.

Silas has to be the most easy-going baby ever! He likes car rides and walking around whether being held, wrapped in his Moby, or chilling in his stroller. He loves to look at anything with light. Perhaps all babies are like that, but I also prayed that Silas would be attracted and drawn to light so that he can relate to needing Jesus, the Light that removes all darkness. 

We went to Tate Farms and took lots of pictures of our little guy with all the pumpkins. He was a great model :)

 Check out those gorgeous eyes!

 This is one of my favorites.

 I'll take this good looking pumpkin, please!

 Family portrait.

 Hugging a pumpkin.

 We picked out this tiny pumpkin and a larger one to put him in (pictures to come later).

 Silas is still so little! He weighed between 8-9 pounds according to their scales.

Silas is a Baby Ruth candy bar for Halloween so he would fit in with our 1920's theme. He is much sweeter than the candy bar. The poor guy may have dents in his head from all of the kisses Daddy and I give him daily.

The other thing we have learned about Silas is how much we love him and how that love grows deeper  with each smile, cry, grasping of our fingers, laugh, etc. Children really are an amazing gift from God! Adam and I both have found deeper understanding of God's love for us as we stumble through our imperfect love for Silas. If we, being sinful and imperfect, would do anything to prevent Silas any heartache and to do everything we can to provide richly for any of his needs, how can we ever doubt how much more God loves and provides for us since He is perfect? Silas is a wonderful piece to the mysterious ways of the Lord :). My cup overflows....

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